Voting 101 |

Voting 101

Dear Editor:The question of who or what to vote for is not always simple. With respect to referendums of interest, the two best concern charities and garbage – I’ll take charities for $500, Alex. With respect to garbage, we have Toni and her band of “two.” It’s amazing how so few can do so much, when they have a lot of free time. Toni, who is fighting with other people’s money to plant trees instead of building, might get the Jewish vote, unless of course the facts get in the way. Which leads me to this question: “Pro-Recycling Center” anyone?The big decisions involve people – as big decisions should.My take on the three races that involve people, Braudis versus Magnuson for sheriff, which has become a national story, and the county commissioner races between Richards versus True, and Clapper versus Mooney, is as follows:In the race for sheriff between “Saint Bob” and “Despicable Rick,” I was sorry I missed Squirm Night. I would have liked to ask Saint Bob to tell us something despicable he’s done. And, how about a Saintly story from Rick? Anyway, I like Rick, but the job of sheriff kind of lends itself to someone with experience, and we all know Bob has that. What I can’t understand is why the “fair and balanced” Aspen media feels it needs to bury Rick. From the beginning we all know Bob was a lock. I understand it’s news, but if there was a need to “Kill Rick,” why not a little investigating reporting on Bob? Of course, if Rick was to pull off the upset, we could then have Mayor Bob – which would be fun.In the Richards versus True race, the only thing they seem to disagree on is the entrance. I like Jim True, and he is in my Fantasy Football league, but if he thinks a four lane can fit in the current S-curves – the word fantasy pops into mind. On the other hand, Rachel hints about a “straight shot,” but if a train is involved, I’ll write in Tony Hershey’s name. With respect to affordable housing, if Rachel was to win and follow in Mick’s footsteps, three terms, 12 years and about $900,000 in salary – she could give up her place to someone more in need and rent a place at market value. I’m leaning toward voting for Rachel because if she loses, the possible “City Council Trifecta” next May of Ireland, Richards and Devil-biss is scary. Hey, how about Mayor Jim?In the final race, Clapper versus Mooney, Patti says she has done a good job, and likes to throw out the “E” word, experience. But, can she bring Buffet to town or get the Eagles to play for free? I don’t think so. Of course with the tree-lopper still at large, and Mooney in office, would the environment be safe? I don’t know. Clapper or Mooney? Experience or Buffet? I might just have to think about that a little more. Hey, how about Mayor Patti or Mayor Tim?So, there it is. As someone who has never won a race, my best advice is to take no advice. Andrew KoleAspen

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