Voters need to be heard |

Voters need to be heard

Dear Editor:In 2000, we voted (yes, me included) to authorize the city to enter negotiations with the Zolines with the goal of building up to 225 units at Burlingame. However, the city has failed to address critical issues surrounding this project. The majority of the members of the city council have consistently ignored the voters’ concerns: costs, increased density (currently 236 units), social and environmental impact, traffic, schools, hospitals, etc. In order for the voters’ voice to be respected, it needs to be heard. All candidates and city council members should encourage the voters to sign a petition to bring these crucial issues to vote and improve city governance.If Burlingame is such a good project, why are some of our officials and certain candidates so concerned about getting the voters’ voice heard as soon as possible?The deadline for collecting signatures for the petition on Burlingame is March 22. Please sign it if you have not already done so.Lenir DrakeAspen

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