Voters like Su Lum are the problem |

Voters like Su Lum are the problem

Dear Editor:

After reading Su Lum’s column in Wednesday’s paper, I have to wonder why she is given space in your newspaper (“There’s an election in progress, sort of,” Oct. 12, 2011, The Aspen Times.)

We have a very important election being held on Nov. 1. We are electing trustees for the Colorado Mountain College, an institution with a current enrollment of approximately 23,000 students, which provides quality employment for approximately 400 Coloradans and for the 2011-12 academic year will be spending $55 million of our tax dollars.

The Aspen School District is electing two members to the Board of Education. The Aspen School District educates almost 1,700 students annually and provides quality employment to 230 of Su Lum’s neighbors!

Proposition 103 on the ballot will raise income taxes 7.99 percent and the state sales tax 3.44 percent; isn’t this something a responsible participant in our democracy should research?

Su is in favor of the Healthy Community Tax because she is “way too old and infirm” and it raises “only $464,000.” Su has made a decision on $464K but does not seem interested or inclined to research decisions that concern almost $600,000,000 of tax revenue and spending and affects the lives of tens of thousands of Coloradans?

On a personal note, I take exception to Su’s backdoor endorsement in The Aspen Times for the Aspen School District Board of Education election. Su has “asked around” and “the consensus” was to vote for Peirce and Wills?

What consensus was that? You have been given a bully pulpit to espouse your views, but did you try and find out what Carmen Dowley’s positions and qualifications are before you wrote your column, or do you base your decisions on water cooler conversations? Carmen attended the Aspen elementary, middle and high schools. Carmen attended San Jose State University’s (the oldest teacher’s college in California) credentialing program, achieved tenure, taught full-time for 10 years and has been a member of a teachers’ bargaining unit. Carmen already volunteers at our schools for what seems to her husband to be 40-plus hours per week. Take a look at Carmen’s endorsement advertisement in Friday’s Aspen Times, and let me know where the consensus is. While you are an editorial columnist, where are your journalistic ethics?

The United States of America is being ridiculed for its foreign policy around the world; we are mired in a stagnant economy that has resulted in tens of millions of our citizens being out of work. This summer we authorized the federal debt of the taxpayers to exceed $15 trillion.

Su Lum, if you don’t care enough about this country and your neighbors to devote a couple of hours to educate yourself on the issues, please do not vote or make any recommendations. We have enough people making uninformed decision in this country today.

James F. Dowley


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