Voters beware |

Voters beware

Dear Editor:

Many people have asked me to write about Ms. Marks’ attack on me and my family in her Red Ant rag last February, so I thought I would set the record straight. I, as a long-time local, was protesting the proposed mass and density of the Lift 1A project, along with many others; this soon became “Citizens For Smart Growth” the group that influenced the developers to pull the vote as even they realized it wasn’t going to win in that form.

During that time, late last fall, someone forwarded me this bizarre writing from something calling itself “Red Ant.” I had never heard of this. It was a vitriolic and offensive piece about Mayor Ireland and Jack Johnson, both of whom I hold in high regard. At City Council, I said during public comment “Something calling itself the Red Ant is attacking my duly elected council ” makes me want to get out a can of Raid.”

Ms. Marks and Elizabeth Milias decided this joke was worthy of a private investigation looking into a real estate deal ” that actually turned out to have far more flaws than even she found ” but a situation that involved my family being strongly pressured to leave our home by the developers of The Little Nell Residences. Ms. Marks saw some twisted logic between a private family matter and my passion for helping to get the best project possible on 1A and decided this was somehow worthy of her idea of reporting. She then wrote something beyond bizarre about a “Shakedown Deal” in her Red Ant “journalistic attempt.”

Imagine, citizens, if you said or did something actually worthy of her highness’ notice. Voters beware: This woman acts extremely irrationally when her buttons are pushed.

Phyllis J. Bronson, Ph.D.


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