Voter comment deadline nearing

Aspen Times Staff

Colorado election law allows any voter to submit written comments about the financial ballot issues that will be decided in the November 2 election. The comments, which are summarized and mailed to all registered voters, may be either for or against the proposed ballot issue.The deadline for submitting comments is the end of the business day Friday, September 17. Comments must be received, not postmarked, by the deadline. Comments must be sent to the specifically designated election official for each district at the district’s address. Those commenting must indicate whether their comment is in favor of or against the question. Only registered voters eligible to vote on the question can submit comments, which must include a signature and the address where the signer is registered to vote. The following are the relevant questions on the general election ballot:• Pitkin County Question 1A: Authorization to enter into a multiple fiscal year financial obligation to contribute to RFTA an additional amount – 0.165% from existing 0.5% transportation sales tax. Contingent upon approval of ballot question in Basalt, Eagle County, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs of 0.2% RFTA sales and use tax. Contact election official Silvia Davis, 920-5180, 920-5196 (fax).• Snowmass Village Question 2B: Increase taxes $2,481,181 annually by extending in perpetuity the existing land transfer tax of Ordinance No. 5, 1986. Amend use of funds to also include parks and recreation costs and operating and maintenance costs of vehicles. • Snowmass Village Question 2C: Authorization for collection, retention and expenditure, without increasing any tax rate or imposing any new tax, as a voter-approved revenue change under Article X, Section 20 of the State Constitution, all revenues received annually in 2004 and any year thereafter from all sources. Contact election official Rhonda B. Coxon, 923-3777, 923-6083 (fax).• Roaring Fork School District Question 3A: Increase taxes up to $1,800,000 annually to address the high cost of living for teachers and staff so as to attract and retain quality school district employees and to maintain optimal teacher-pupil ratios from kindergarten through third grade. Tax Levy to be sufficient to generate the amount approved by the Board of Education. Contact election official Joan Telinde, 384-6009, 384-6005 (fax).• Roaring Fork School District Question 3B: Increase debt $86,000,000, with a maximum repayment cost up to $175,000,000, and increase taxes up to $9,750,000 annually for renovation and/or construction of elementary, middle and high school buildings, including Basalt Elementary School and Basalt High School athletic fields; renovation and/or construction of elementary and middle school buildings and a new high school in Carbondale; renovation and/or construction of elementary and middle school buildings in Glenwood and substantial reconstruction of Glenwood Springs High School; construction or renovation of district transportation facilities; and acquiring land, equipment and furnishings to accomplish the foregoing. Contact election official Joan Telinde, 384-6009, 384-6005 (fax).• Basalt Regional Library Dist. Question 4A: Increase taxes up to $394,000 annually by an ad valorem property tax mill levy of 1.14 mills to be used for operations and maintenance. Contact election official Robb Heckel, 927-4311, 927-1351 (fax). • Roaring Fork Transportation Authority Question 4B: Increase taxes $1,073,000 annually in Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt and the unincorporated area of Eagle County by a 0.2% RFTA sales and use tax levied on or after Jan. 1, 2005. Contingent upon passage of Pitkin County Referendum 1A. Contact election official Phyllis Kenny, 920-1905 x 201, 925-6801 (fax). • Pitkin County Library District Question 5A: Increase taxes $385,000 annually by property tax levy of up to 0.23 mills for operations. Contact election official Kathleen Chandler, 925-4025, 925-3935 (fax).