Vote yes on 3E |

Vote yes on 3E

Dear Editor:

Perhaps the most urgent lesson from the continuing painful recession is that our kids will need quality educations to compete in an increasingly difficult, global marketplace. The world is indeed flat as described by Tom Friedman, and our future generations will vie for work along with the developing nations of the world – all of whom have placed a premium on development of strong math and science educational programs.

It is also true that the property values are highly dependent upon the existence of good schools to attract new families to the valley. The school system is often fully researched before the first house is seen by new residents.

Our school district has lost more than $5 million in annual revenue in the past three years and can ill afford to loose any more. Please vote yes on 3E in November to continue the critical income stream that the district will need to manage classroom size and professionalism in our teacher corps.

Bill Kane


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