Vote yes on 1A |

Vote yes on 1A

Dear Editor:

Pitkin County has the opportunity to be part of a great program. By voting Yes on Energy Smart ballot initiative 1A, we will be part of a cutting-edge program. This program will allow homeowners the opportunity to get low-cost loans to invest in home improvements that will save money on energy bills, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and promote the green job industry.

The best thing is that this program is paid for by those who use it. It is not a tax. For more information check out

If you have not yet received your ballot in the mail call the county clerk, 920-5180. Ballots need to be mailed back or returned to the clerk’s office by Nov. 3. I urge you to please vote yes and help spread the word that Pitkin County is on the forefront of programs to save energy, money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and nurture the green jobs movement.

Jim Kravitz


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