Vote YES for healthy rivers |

Vote YES for healthy rivers

Dear Editor:

Roaring Fork Conservancy acts as a voice for our local rivers. Listen closely, because the rivers are speaking up.

On Nov. 6, referendum 2B will ask city of Aspen voters to approve an $800,000 per year mil levy to fund an ongoing storm-water management program for 15 years. That means over the course of one year, for the price of about three tanks of gas for the average Aspen resident, you can help make a HUGE difference in keeping our rivers clean and healthy.

By voting yes, you will help to prevent 10 to 20 TONS of sediment from entering the Roaring Fork River every day. Try to imagine a dump truck full of dirt pulling into the Aspen Art Museum and promptly dumping its contents into the river? Most Aspen residents wouldn’t stand for that, now would they? The rivers won’t stand for it, either.

Sediment is the No. 1 source of pollution in Colorado. Currently, storm water runs directly off the streets of Aspen and directly into the Roaring Fork River. Sediment affects trout, aquatic insects, riparian habitat and our quality of life. In addition, storm-water runoff contains sediment, oil, grease and chemical pollution from urban areas and roadways. Voting yes means addressing and treating the city’s storm water properly before it enters the Roaring Fork River.

Please vote YES on referendum 2B, and help keep our most precious resource ” our rivers ” clean and healthy for the future.

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Rick Lofaro

executive director

Roaring Fork Conservancy

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