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Vote yes for 3E

Dear Editor:

There are a good number of misconceptions regarding school funding and our need for the mill levy (3E). Most of it seems to stem from a lack of knowledge about where education funds come from. Our schools are 100 percent state and local funded. In fact, Colorado is 10th from the bottom in per pupil funding. While low taxes are attractive to potential residents and employers, underfunded, ineffective school districts are not.

Full disclosure: I am both a parent of children and the spouse of a teacher in the school district. I’ve watched the difficulty of teachers’ jobs grow in parallel with classroom sizes and in direct opposition to salaries (lower than they were in 2008). These obstacles, however, are surmountable. We can return to focusing on learning and manageable classroom sizes. The first step is voting yes on 3E. A yes vote on 3E is not a vote of support for the current school district management, nor is it a vote in support of any political party. It’s support for our youth and the future of the valley.

I encourage everyone to check out and read through the links under “the Issue.”

Matt Brockman


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