Vote yes for 3E |

Vote yes for 3E

Dear Editor:

I am writing to encourage voters in the Roaring Fork School District (RE-1) to vote yes on 3E in this upcoming election for the following reasons:

1. If you do not have good schools in your community – you do not have a community. Good schools attract businesses and create a vibrant environment that people can rally around and the community can thrive on.

2. People want to move into areas that have a good school district. This translates into higher property values in the long run. No one wants to live in a school district with bad schools, and if 3E does not pass that is what will happen. You will see your property value decrease even more, and it will never bounce back. There will be an exodus of the very people that enable the community to thrive.

3. Teachers deserve to be paid and have raises. They are taking care of the most precious assets in a community. In addition, students deserve to have a quality education with every opportunity available that is not constrained by lack of finances.

You must look at the bigger picture, as it is not about whether or not you have kids or if your kids attend the RE-1 schools, but about the long-term viability of our community. The impact on the taxes you will pay are negligible ($9.42 a month on a $300,000 home) and the rewards for having a good school system are immeasurable and vital to the health and stability of this community. If 3E does not pass, this community will feel the impact of that decision far into the future, and it will be hard to change that impact after the fact.

Please look into the future and not just be concerned with today when it comes to our schools. Please vote yes on 3E.

Rachel Hahn


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