Vote wasn’t one-sided |

Vote wasn’t one-sided

We live in a great town and though I think the new 82 alignment would have been an improvement, I am not going to suggest that staying with the S-Curves will put a bullet through the heart of the community or make us look like Leadville or Vail (a highway runs through it). The S-Curve advocates won the election and they deserve congratulations. I think we’re a great town no matter how you get into it.

I am, however, compelled to note the results, which are labeled by Adam Preskill of the Daily News as a clear message for the S-Curves.

City residents were able to vote twice for the S-Curves, once as citizens of the city and once as citizens of the county. County residents could vote once. So presuming that the city folks all voted in the county also, the real result of the community poll was the county vote. That vote ended at 2,906 for S curves and 2,725 for Modified Direct 51.6% to 48.4%. That CLEARLY stands for a win, for which I sincerely congratulate the S-curvers, but that, in my view, is NOT a clear message.

I note that both papers are quoting only the city results and not the county results. Why? The reality is that in the city the vote was 1,400 to 1,119 for the S-Curves and the out-of-the-city vote was 1,586 to 1,506 for the Modified Direct (taking 1,119 and 1,400 the double votes ? respectively away from each County total). Is that really a clear message? I’ll happily live with the S-curves, they did win the poll, but let’s not spin the results to make it look one-sided when it was not.

Scott Writer

Old Snowmass

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