Vote to keep Carbondale unique |

Vote to keep Carbondale unique

Dear Editor:

Vote for Merriott, Hoffmann, Zentmyer and Moss in Carbondale!

Carbondale is changing very rapidly and the new Board of Trustees will have a very large say in whether or not Carbondale is a place where working families can afford to live and whether we retain our small locally-owned shops and unique character.

For those of you who thought the big-box debate was over, I’m sorry to say that we’ll probably see a 100,000-plus square foot proposal very soon if this election goes to those open to such a proposal, which would, in my opinion, include Barry “Big Box” Maggert, Ed Cortez and Don Van Devander.

Bringing this issue up again would simply drive this town into another four-plus years of divisive debate, a big box won’t get built ” and we’d miss out on a million-plus of potential sales tax revenue in the meantime. With regard to affordable housing, Maggert is downright hostile, Cortez is all talk but no action, and Van Devander is clueless.

On the positive side, we have Frosty Merriott and John Hoffmann, two very passionate and hardworking candidates. Merriott’s accounting background will be very valuable in helping Carbondale create a viable affordable housing program, and Hoffmann’s tireless commitment to trails and other environmental causes will bring a nice balance to the board.

Pamela Zentmyer brings a lifetime of experiencing the “Carbondale character” and a willingness to learn. While someone expressed to me that they thought John Foulkrod might bully her around on the board, from what I know of her, she has a very sharp and independent mind, and she isn’t afraid to use it.

I don’t personally know Brent Moss , but I certainly liked what he had to say in the debate, especially compared to what Maggert, Cortez and Van Devander could come up with. He’s obviously done his homework on affordable housing, commercial development and the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA), and he seems to be campaigning harder than anyone else, which shows he is dedicated and passionate.

Don’t forget to vote Tuesday, the first of April!

Scott Chaplin