Vote to help library |

Vote to help library

Dear Editor:I wholeheartedly support Pitkin County Library’s request for a modest tax increase. The additional funding will allow them to hire needed support staff, to update an obsolete checkout system and to purchase eight public access computers.Since 1979, the library staff has not quite doubled, while circulation has more than tripled. For the library to continue to meet its responsibility to the community, it is essential that the collection continues to be developed, made available and protected.Our library has a history of remarkable fiscal responsibility. They set reasonable goals, then proceed to meet them according to plan. As a longtime volunteer, I have seen firsthand the monumental behind-the-scenes work steadily done by this dedicated and skilled staff.I am proud of our library. It is a valuable asset to our valley. To ensure that our library continues to effectively serve our community, vote yes on Referendum 5A.Betsy StarodojAspen

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