Vote Runyon in Eagle County |

Vote Runyon in Eagle County

Dear Editor:I had the honor of nominating my friend of more than 30 years, Peter Runyon, for Eagle County commissioner last May at the Eagle County Democratic Assembly. I am even more confident now that Peter is the better candidate for this office.From a ski bum in 1970, living in the back of a truck camper for a season, with two roommates and a dog, to Vail Associates staff photographer, to independent businessman, to boat builder and adventurer, and back to Eagle County to marry and to further develop his business, Peter has evolved.He has evolved as a candidate, as well. Unlike some candidates, Peter was not recruited by a political party to be a county commissioner candidate. Instead, he became more and more concerned about the future of Eagle County, informed himself, attended commissioner meetings for more than a year and only then decided that he could contribute to the future of the county and its citizens.Peter did his research and developed specific ideas, platforms and policies – not pie-in-the-sky slogans, but specific, creative solutions to problems. He proposed home rule for our growing, diverse and sprawling county. This would give us five county commissioners, an idea which would expand the human resources of the commissioner’s office and would dilute the divisive nature of the current two-on-one situation which we currently endure. He has suggested the abolition of political party affiliations at the county commissioner level, suggesting that the issues facing Eagle County have little to do with party labels or platforms. He is for enforcement of the county master plan guidelines and supporting the carefully researched recommendations of the planning commission to better protect the county from development special interests. He has informed himself about the very complicated water issues facing the Western Slope and how best to protect our resources. He has researched housing for our aging and low-income communities. He has investigated the development of new middle-class jobs, business opportunities and low-impact industry.Peter has had the courage to take stands on issues of human resources, natural resources and growth. Other candidates have picked up on his ideas, but Peter did the leg work. As good a candidate as I felt Peter was in May, he is even better now. Peter’s intelligence, principles, experience and thoughtful perspective are qualities which will enhance the Eagle County commissioners.We are lucky to have a person of his quality want to be our commissioner.I urge you to vote for Peter Runyon for Eagle County commissioner for District 1.Barbie ChristopherVail

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