Vote ‘no’ on Village at Crystal River |

Vote ‘no’ on Village at Crystal River

Dear Editor:

Should we vote “yes” or “no” on Carbondale’s Village at Crystal River?

We Carbondale residents face an important vote this month – casting a yea or nay ballot on the proposed development.

Let’s be clear on one thing: I’m all for the economic prosperity and growth of Carbondale.

Unfortunately, the developer’s plans for the Village at Crystal River contain a nasty pork-barrel sales tax and property tax in the guise of a “public improvement fee” that will add an unnecessary burden to us all: The new retail shops, including the proposed grocery store, will charge an additional 1 percent fee on all items sold, and most of the commercial property will carry a 3 percent additional mill.

So why should you and I pay an additional 1 percent tax on our groceries to support a privately funded, capitalist venture? Well, we shouldn’t.

I’m all for capitalism and economic growth. And I’m not against modest taxes, either – when they go to support the infrastructures we hold dear like strong schools and emergency services, etc. But the Village at Crystal River fees will go to the developer to help fund traffic-flow improvements on Highway 133. Keep in mind that these improvements are only needed to support the development – and in fact the Colorado Department of Transportation already has more than $3 million slated for Highway 133 improvements in the next few years.

As a business owner in Carbondale, I bristle at the idea of being taxed to support a free-market, private development. No other businesses here in town are taxing the citizens to subsidize their ventures.

If, as the developer claims, the Village at Crystal River cannot exist without taxing us, then it simply is not a sound business venture. Vote no this month, and say yes to viable economic growth without taxation.

Tyler Stableford


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