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Vote ‘no’ on hydro

Dear Editor:

Curious about how much water there is in Castle Creek? So were we. When we founded Saving Our Streams in 2010, one of our first goals was to apply for, purchase and implement a United States Geological Survey gauge on Castle Creek. This April, we were able to install the gauge. Please go to our website – – and you can look at real-time readings updated every 15 minutes, and you also can see a history of the flow since the installation of the gauge. As of this writing, Castle Creek is flowing at 28 cubic feet per second.

The Castle Creek hydro project will divert 25 cfs for 21⁄2 miles of Castle Creek and 27 cfs for four miles of Maroon Creek. There is a minimum in streamflows of 12 cfs for Castle Creek and 14 cfs for Maroon Creek, a minuscule amount of water, just keeping the streams alive and not intended for months on end. Please look at the data from the gauge, and since we can all add and subtract, it is easy to see that there is simply not enough water in Castle Creek or Maroon Creek to accomplish the projections for this project.

Mr. Auden Schendler at the recent forum urged us to “trust” that the city will do the right thing on this hydro project. Really? The city does not have the best track record – Burlingame phase II, BMC West, the list goes on. Trust is earned, not a given. It is within our right, our due diligence actually, and “we the people” of Aspen question this project.

Sadly, it will be these beautiful streams that will pay the price of this shortsighted “greenwash.” There simply is not enough water in these two lovely creeks to make this project work, either environmentally or fiscally.

Please vote “no” on 2C, for our streams.

Yasmine de Pagter


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