Vote no on all tax measures |

Vote no on all tax measures

Dear Editor:

So the public entities whose incomes will be reduced by new lower and realistic property valuations are lining up at the trough and begging for our help.

Funny we didn’t hear from them in the past two years when their inflated incomes and our inflated property taxes were based on out-of-date, antiquated valuation data. Of course they were able to hide behind state law that allows them to continue their “devil may care” attitude towards the economic plight of the country and all taxpaying citizens.

Did they set aside any reserve funds for the rainy days which they now face? No! Don’t be fooled into voting for these “feel-good” ballot items 3E and 4A to increase your taxes – we have already been overtaxed for the past two years!

If the school district wants my support in the future, I would make a few suggestions (some of which, admittedly may have already been initiated). These comments are directed at board members (remember the outrageous $50,500 bonus awarded to Ken Haptonstall-Judy’s son this past year) and administrators alike:

• Cut the superintendent’s salary in half. In business circles this is known as leadership.

• Suspend all raises and bonuses.

• Suspend all new and replacement hires.

• Cut administrative overhead to the lowest level possible – you will know what possible is, when you don’t have the money.

• As a last resort, look at teacher staffing levels. You must remember that teachers are the ones who deliver your product (education) to your customers (students) so be careful in that regard.

I do not believe that teachers are overpaid; however, I always been envious of their generous vacation and holiday schedule. I further do not believe that a modest increase in class size above the current level of 22 will cause a deterioration in the level of service provided. This is always the hue and cry raised by the administrators and teachers unions alike, without any scientific evidence to back it up – don’t believe it!!

Also on our ballot is another tax increase proposal, (4A) from the Fire Protection District. They too, regale us with with a litany of horror stories about the consequences of cutting into their slush fund – reduced service, slower response times, etc etc etc. Again, I would admonish the powers that be at the fire house, to learn to live with a lower standard of expenditure as have millions of Americans across the country. A good example of a bad example at the fire house is the “cutesy little antique fire truck” that stares out at us from its “cutesy little glass fronted room” as we drive by on highway 133. I’m curious to how much that cost and if in fact that expenditure improved response time. It’s all to easy for public entities to do dumb things when they have unlimited amounts of OPM – other peoples money.

I urge all taxpayers to vote no on these tax measures, which will raise our taxes above the level provided for, in current property valuations.

Bill Myers


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