Vote no, and send nonprofits a check |

Vote no, and send nonprofits a check

The county commissioners want to change the home rule charter to further gouge the Pitkin County taxpayer in the form of more property taxes.

I suggest our illustrious commissioners ask the Aspen City Council members where they obtained the obscene amount of $2 million to desecrate Cemetery Lane. Two million would go a long way in alleviating our financial woes. If the city and county had some fiscal responsibility we wouldn’t be in this mess.

I am voting no on Referendum 1A and no on ALL property tax increases on the November ballot.

Don’t threaten the nonprofits. If Referendum 1A fails, I will donate my refund check to Mountain Rescue-Aspen. If the property tax increases on the November ballot fail, then I will personally write a check for $35 each to Senior Services, Response and Mountain Rescue-Aspen, which would represent three times the amount my taxes would increase if these objectives passed.

I urge other taxpayers to choose a local nonprofit and donate $35 to them. At least you will know where your money is going.

Donna Rowlands


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