Vote Kruger for Aspen mayor |

Vote Kruger for Aspen mayor

Dear Editor:

Someone said being a business person doesn’t make you suited for politics. However, it does make you suited to be a good leader. Do you ever watch Celebrity Apprentice? Being a celebrity doesn’t always mean you are suited to be a good leader. On the show, the celebrities may have lots of contact with lots of money and might be able to win a task by that route. But winning doesn’t always mean you are a good leader. A good leader takes in input and opinions from others, processes the facts, incorporates other and utilizes their skills, stays on point, and complete task within guidelines. This is true in celebrity apprentice and in life. What Aspen needs right now is a good leader.

Ruth Kruger is such a person and she needs your support in her bid for mayor. I have known Ruth almost since I moved here 12 years ago. I met her through her volunteering for the community as a member, and later the chair, of the Planning and Zoning Commission. Ruth not only cares about our community, she respects the people who make up this community. Ruth believes that the city government should be held up to the same standards as it requires of its citizens. Ruth wants the process to be equal for everyone, rather than an ever changing guideline fueled by emotion. Ruth wants the citizens of Aspen to feel like they are welcome to participate in their civil government and that they are valued and appreciated.

As a businessperson, Ruth understands the environment of the Aspen business owner. She understands the importance of the livelihood of the employees of businesses within the Aspen community. As a business person, Ruth knows how to negotiate in order to achieve goals. Ruth has worked as the manager of the largest (at the time) hotel in Aspen. She has the skill-set to use innovative thinking in order to bring tourist dollars to the community. Ruth Kruger is the sort of leader Aspen needs right now. Please support Ruth Kruger in her bid for mayor.

Cheryl Koehne

Snowmass Village

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