Vote for the hostages |

Vote for the hostages

There is not enough money. The shortfall in the county budget is NOT due to ineptitude, waste, inefficiencies or any of government’s usual suspected sins. The economy is down, and 72 percent of Pitkin County’s general fund budget comes from revenues that react to the economy.

I had a choice as a Pitkin County Commissioner ? cut completely all programs not mandated by law, such as Senior Services, YouthZone, Nordic Council, Battered Women, etc., or ask for more money.

Not one of the commissioners had the heart to make the cut. The next decision was how? As a general fund increase or money dedicated to these important programs?

Voters have been pretty clear in past elections ? general fund is an automatic NO, so we chose a dedicated fund. Now we are hostage takers. But in this case, if you vote yes for 1A, the hostages get all the money.

The hostages deserve our financial support. Please, please vote yes on 1A.

Shellie Roy

Pitkin County Commissioner

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