Vote for the future – our children |

Vote for the future – our children

Dear Editor:

Our children are our future. I think we can all agree on that. And our future has been threatened with the recent catastrophic tax cuts to our education system, not only in our Roaring Fork Valley but also throughout the nation. In just the Roaring Fork Valley $5.1 million has been cut in the last two years.

When I say our future is threatened, I mean all of ours, not just those with school-aged children but also the elderly, the childless, those that have children grown and out of the house. Education is intrinsic to the success of a civilization. On a larger scale how are we to compete in the world market without giving the upcoming generations the tools to do so? How will local businesses excel or even survive when there are not well thought of schools in this Valley to attract workers to move here?

The change begins with us; it begins with all of us doing a small part. A vote four our kids would allow the Roaring Fork School District to retain a small sum of money from tax credits due to decreased property value. Plainly said, if you have a $300,000 house your tax credit would be around $250. The proposed proposition would allow the district to retain $113 of that amount for education. This comes out to just $9.42 a month and would make a world of difference to our community.

My own daughter just started kindergarten this year. I said to her one day this summer, “I can’t believe your going to kindergarten!” Her rely was, “Mom, this is my chance.” Isn’t it our responsibility to give all the children a chance? As the world is seemingly turning upside down, please let us keep our eye on the prize … it’s the children, they are our prize. Please vote for our kids.

Ann Brumby


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