Vote for smart, not sprawl |

Vote for smart, not sprawl

Dear Editor:

One million. That’s about how many square feet are approved and unbuilt in Basalt right now (about the size of the new base village in Snowmass). The candidates that are running for council are neither pro-growth nor anti-growth. They all understand that Basalt is going to grow.

The question you have to ask yourself during this election is: Will you vote for people that will add to that growth or will you vote for people that will manage that growth? Sprawl vs. no sprawl.

Glenn Rappaport said it best: “Every developer will try to convince us that his project is the ‘exceptional’ project. Every developer will tell us that only his project will solve the affordable housing crisis.”

Sprawl is easy. Smart is difficult. Vote for Katie, Jacque, and Pete.

Thank you.

Jim Paussa



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