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Vote for Runyon

Dear Editor:If you have followed the politics of the construction industry in Eagle County for the past many years, you may be appalled, as I am, by the number of times our county commissioners overrule the recommendations of our hard-working and dedicated Planning Commission. Sometimes, the commissioners even ignore unanimous recommendations of the Planning Commission, and it is fair to note that the Planning Commission usually spends far more time analyzing development applications than the commissioners do. So, who should be the expert? I am happy, therefore, that county commissioner candidate Peter Runyon has come forward with a recommendation to give more voice to our county master plan by making its current guidelines more binding and enforceable. I also think that he will listen to the concerns of the citizens.In doing that, if our Planning Commission comes up with recommendations that adhere to the master plan, it will be far more likely that their hard work will be listened to, rather than ignored, and – most critically – that our master plan will be enforced. Too often now, our commissioners honor the wishes of developers and lobbyists, rather than the master plan and the public. I have sat through several commission hearings over the past few years, and I have firsthand knowledge of Peter’s concern for how our county is growing. I hope that everyone shows their concern for the county by voting for Peter. I know that I am voting for him.Dave SloanEdwards

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