Vote for Ramon, repatriate Pitkin County |

Vote for Ramon, repatriate Pitkin County

I thought I was finished for this election season, but the Aspen Daily News seemed determined to write an editorial for which I have no choice but to respond.According to the Daily News,”All we really know is that there’s no good reason to vote against Mick Ireland and plenty of reasons to vote for him, and that Jeffrey Evans is the anti-Mick.”Since there is no reason to doubt their avowed lack of knowledge, one wonders if we should blame the modern educational system when we discover that whomever wrote this editorial does not know the meaning of the word “principle.” They may not even be aware that there is a version of the word which does not end in “al.”I don’t care about Mick Ireland. At all. In the least.I do care about the form of government that Mick represents, and feel an obligation to my heritage to fight that form of government regardless of the inability of the local media to grasp the problem.County commissioners take an oath of office to support the constitutions of the United States and Colorado. Mick Ireland is in perpetual violation of that oath of office.Free speech: Commissioner Ireland worked for years, using taxpayer money, to preserve provisions in our county charter, which are in clear and direct violation of the First Amendment, as confirmed by the federal court which struck down those provisions. In every other community in the U.S. of which I am aware, newspapers take the lead in fighting to preserve the First Amendment. In Aspen, neither of two newspapers seems the least concerned by the abridgment of our rights, and finds no problem with a lawyer and elected official who is openly antagonistic toward the exercise of those rights. In just the last week, I have been contacted by one county employee, and one county landowner, thanking me for saying things they do not feel safe in saying themselves. The first person felt they would be fired, and the second felt they would destroy any possibility of fair treatment in an upcoming land-use approval process. The atmosphere of intimidation directly restricts free speech, and the expectation of reprisals is derived entirely from the attitude and public statements of Commissioner Ireland.Democratic process: In an e-mail to other county commissioners and the county attorney, Commissioner Ireland revealed beyond dispute that he regards the public hearing process as a meaningless ritual designed to placate participants, and “make them feel listened to.”No one can participate in the process any longer with the expectation of a fair, impartial and receptive hearing, and yet the local print media chose to diminish the damage by claiming the problem had something to do with rudeness. Ireland then had the audacity to claim the e-mail to other elected officials and county staff was “personal correspondence” intended to be private, and got another free pass from the press. Why is it that Sunshine Laws apply to everyone but Mick?Property rights: Commissioner Ireland despises the very concept of private property. There is no level of control over other people’s property which he would not like to assume.A vote for Ramon Duvernay is a vote for the restoration of the U.S. Constitution in Pitkin County. I can make that claim, even knowing that the other four commissioners will likely need to appoint someone to take his seat if Ramon is unable to serve due to health concerns. My faith is based on nothing more than the certainty that our culture and traditions could not possibly produce anyone as disrespectful of both as the incumbent in District 2.Vote for Ramon Duvernay. Repatriate Pitkin County back into the United States of America. Jeffrey EvansUp the Crystal

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