Vote for new blood |

Vote for new blood

If you have as many concerns as I do about the current direction of Aspen, I hope you will consider change in the upcoming election. I encourage every registered voter to take a serious look at where our town is heading.

Let us not choose inappropriate growth as the answer to all of our problems and let us not allow self interest and mediocrity to flourish.

I agree that the airport needs improvements, our downtown needs revitalization and that a bus/transportation system is essential, but some of Aspen’s proposals seem to be losing sight of the Aspen environment, innovation, values and convictions.

I am concerned about the way our council treats each other and the public. I have major concerns about infill (as currently offered) and about a new bridge over Maroon Creek which will be wide enough for six lanes.

I am concerned about our current affordable housing direction. Aspen needs to have a better vision, which shows that we have the courage to stand up for what brought us all here in the first place.

What does it mean when Aspen locals allow loss of open space, hesitate to give incentives for driving hybrid automobiles and look at increasing building height to 62 feet in some areas, but are willing to drive Hummers around town behind buses spewing black smoke and stroll around timeshare sales offices and designer stores? You tell me.

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In the next few weeks, please listen to council candidates Tom Peirce, Cliff Weiss and Torre. They are making sense. They are thoughtful listeners with courage to stand up for what they believe and look down the road toward a better Aspen.

While they want to improve our town, they do not think that MORE is necessarily BETTER. They have good ideas about working to retain the special qualities that made Aspen the place we all love, yet enhancing the airport, downtown, housing, etc.

These thoughtful, respectful and intelligent candidates are courageously trying to unseat the incumbents. We need to see to it that a couple of them are elected.

Please keep Aspen special by voting for the change Aspen needs. Bring in some new blood. Vote early, get an absentee ballot or show up to cast your ballot on May 6.

Donna Fisher