Vote for Munk, vote for environment |

Vote for Munk, vote for environment

Dear Editor:

The current oil spill is a reminder that renewable energy sources are critical to a clean and healthy environment. If you could do something that was ridiculously easy and make a huge impact toward achieving those renewable goals, would you do it?

If you get electricity from Holy Cross your next bill will include a ballot for the board of directors election. Please vote for Dave Munk. He is dedicated to diversified and renewable energy sources. He will provide the leadership that we need.

Coal, like oil, is not cheap when you factor in things like environmental impacts. It is time to make common-sense choices about energy use. A vote for Dave Munk is the easiest and best thing you can do for the environment. Please join me in voting for Dave Munk for the Holy Cross board.

On the same ballot there is a question regarding a change in how we vote. Please vote no. Thank you.

Jim Paussa