Vote for Munk |

Vote for Munk

Dear Editor:

You walk into a room and flip the light switch so that you can sit back and read the ballot for the upcoming board of directors election that just showed up in the mail. Do you know where those electrons are coming from? If you get your electricity from Holy Cross Energy, your electrons are coming from a combination of renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

I am a customer, or member, of Holy Cross Energy. I feel lucky to be a member of an organization that has taken a lead in a long-term commitment to renewable sources for electricity generation and would like to see them continue and expand this commitment.

Please vote for Dave Munk for the board position for the Southern District. Dave will provide the leadership and insight needed to help Holy Cross continue and strengthen their stand for utilizing renewable energy sources to generate electricity. To learn more about Dave and his background in renewable energy and electricity generation check out his website

There is also a question on the ballot regarding changes in how directors are elected. Please vote no on this question so that all members can continue to elect the board.

Thanks for taking the time to participate in your electric co-op.

Susan Ellison