Vote for Mick, vote for the environment |

Vote for Mick, vote for the environment

Dear Editor:

With the upcoming elections, we have heard a lot of candidates express their concerns about the environment. But there is truly only one candidate who walks the talk.

Mick Ireland has taken tangible steps to protect our environment. Under his leadership, Aspen has made strides on hydroelectric power, energy conservation, home energy audit and incentives to retrofit for energy efficiency (lowering electric rates) and expansion of public transit. Aspen has reduced its carbon footprint 23 percent since Mick took office.

There is a reason why Sen. Gail Schwartz and representatives John Salazar and Kathleen Curry support Mick. He has earned their respect by working on statewide issues that have guided western Colorado toward a sustainable economy. A vote for Mick Ireland is a vote for the environment.

Ruthie Brown