Vote for Mick |

Vote for Mick

Dear Editor:

When it comes to the May 5 election, I’m voting issues, not personalities.

Ask yourself, should Aspen, with its limited land area, turn its attention away from affordable housing for middle- and lower-income workers and towards creating “quasi-free market starter homes?” Should “traffic solutions” mean an unrestricted four-lane and a parking garage under Wagner Park? Should programs at the ARC be priced like a private clubs to turn a profit? Should our resort marketing focus only on those for whom price is no object? Do we want a council with a bigger is better, anything for business-sake approach toward redevelopment?

If your answer is no to these questions, then join me in voting for Mick Ireland for mayor. If the community values of small-town character, pedestrian orientation, environmental protection, and managed growth are part of your vision for the future, there really is only one choice.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a campaign year so thick with mean-spirited attacks and deep with distortions and outright lies; too many to address in one letter, but I can assure you that Mick was not responsible for the Burlingame brochure produced by the city when Helen Klanderud was mayor, the capital reserve funds of the privately owned Centennial Condominiums built in the ’80s, or the collapse of the national economy.

The record that I do know is that Mick was willing to put the renewal of the RETT for housing and the childcare sales tax on the ballot last November to continue these programs despite the opposition of the Red Ant. I do know that Mick Ireland helped secure the funding for our new Maroon Creek bridge, that he has worked to keep the waters of the Roaring Fork clean, that he has taken addressing climate change and going green to new levels, that he is highly respected by state and federal leaders, that he has worked to keep critical open space like Smuggler Mountain free of development, that he has made appropriate cuts to the city budget, and that he was strong enough to stand up and say no to oversized redevelopments like Lift 1A and the Wienerstube projects.

Tough time require tough leaders who run to uphold long-standing community values, not those who wish to advance their agendas through divisive negative campaigning, or empty promises to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Please join me on May 5 and vote for Mick Ireland for mayor.

Rachel E. Richards