Vote for me, Andrew Kole |

Vote for me, Andrew Kole

Dear Editor:

The economics of running a serious campaign, for the first time, has been as interesting as those I am running against.

To win, I realize a number of hurdles must be cleared.

First, and foremost, Mick Ireland ” a 16-year career politician is the biggest. While I think being a commissioner was a better fit for him than mayor, as exampled by his track record for the last two years, his support “machine” is very powerful.

Next, Marilyn Marks of Red Ant lore, a publication that made my show look like anything but controversial. I want to thank Marilyn for entering the competition, as it made me the “moderate” in the race. Of course her big advertising budget has been hard to compete against.

Then there’s LJ Erspamer, a “nice guy” who will show us where “nice guys” finish in Aspen politics.

One of my biggest hurdles is probably my Grassroots television show and the “character” I played. I chose to do a version of “Politically Incorrect,” as it was a very popular show; taking the role of a “controversial” host who asked the questions everyone was thinking ” but afraid to ask. It worked. As a result, it was a show that generated more money and viewers for Grassroots, than any other independently produced program.

Those that watched have seen coverage of local politics, numerous interviews, plus local events, non-profits, and kids ” who for the most part make up the staff when I shoot.

The benefits of the show are the relationships I have developed in Aspen, and nationally. As well as the hosting skill of facilitating conflicting guests points of view and the listening it required ” honed during my 800-plus shows. (I also created the format for producers to pay for their shows through creative advertising based sponsorship.)

If elected, the contacts and “hosting” skills come with me, but the “character” will not. Ask anyone who has worked with me on CCLC, Housing Frontiers Task Force, or Lift 1-A, if my work has not been an asset to the group, and always positive.

I want voters to know two of my primary goals are: to put Aspen back on track economically, and re-structure affordable housing, by rebuilding it financially, while developing a capital reserve program.

I hope my campaign has established a trust with voters, during a time when our local economy is in turmoil, that says, “Andrew Kole is the right person, at the right time, for this crucial leadership role.”

Andrew Kole


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