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Vote for Kerry

Dear Editor:With the upcoming election bearing down on us all, it amazes me that our country is so evenly divided between Kerry and Bush.If you are a person of faith, I ask you, “Who would Jesus vote for if he were alive today?” Is it possible to be a person of faith and narrow your criteria to just a couple of issues while ignoring many other policy decisions?Kerry must be your choice if you care about conservation of our natural resources for future generations. He is consistently awarded one of the highest ratings from the League of Conservation Voters. Bush doesn’t talk about the environment, because he has the worst record of any president. Think about what the Bush administration has done the last four years to our world (we cannot eat the fish from the rivers of 19 states and more people die from pollution-related diseases than both prostrate and breast cancer combined) and imagine what will happen to us if he doesn’t need to win re-election four years from now?Bush’s policies have benefited corporations and the extremely wealthy while turning a budget surplus into a huge budget deficit. I wonder, if you have personally benefited from Bush’s economic policies during the last four years, do you feel the tax advantage you gained is truly worth the deficit that our children will have to pay?And then there’s terrorism and Iraq. I hesitate to help Bush by linking them, but he has served as a catalyst for increasing terrorism. I have no idea what Kerry will be able to do to salvage the mess that Bush has caused, but I know that a president who has so badly mismanaged both wars cannot possibly deserve to be rewarded with another four years. You cannot possibly feel the world is a safer place as a result of Bush’s foreign policies.I feel the need to take a world view, something Bush is either incapable to do or simply unable to do. I will agree that the United Nations has problems, but gone are the days when the world’s greatest military power can claim a coalition of the willing with so few allies and disregard the opinions of the rest of the world, when our actions clearly affect everyone on the planet.My true feelings at this time are of utter disbelief that anyone thinks that Bush is good for this country. Please consider your vote carefully, please ask yourself honestly if you think Bush, Cheney and the rest of the current administration have earned your respect and deserve four more years.Bush and friends label Kerry a liberal; Websters dictionary defines liberal as “belonging to the people, tolerant of others’ views, favoring progress.” For our future, send a message to the world that you care. Please vote for John Kerry.Donna ThompsonAspen