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Vote for Johnson

Dear Editor:

This is one of the worst election seasons I have seen. Whether on a national, state or local level, races are negative and full of vitriol. I like political ads that tell me what the candidate stands for, not how much they hate their opponents. Betsy Markey will get my vote for Congress because she takes the high road in her ads.

Locally, the county commissioner race between Jack Johnson and Rob Ittner is on the low road. The Red Ant-sters are pouring gasoline on this fire rather than serve the purpose that many in Aspen relate to: “keeping them honest.” However, their tactics have degraded to a new low for this community and are far too personal.

Jack Johnson and Red Ant-sters’ long-running personal battle has far exceeded a “keeping them honest” purpose. I worked closely with Jack this past year on the Aspen Area Community Plan and have worked with him on other issues in the past decade. He’s passionate, prepared, thoughtful, and when we disagree – still treats me with respect. I’m sure Rob is a nice guy but I’ve never seen him in the trenches on local issues or projects.

I’ll be voting for the experienced candidate.

Cliff Weiss

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