Vote for Jack |

Vote for Jack

Dear Editor:

Jack Johnson is the only Democrat running for the contested county commissioner seat.

(Rachel Richards, also a Democrat, is running for the other, uncontested county commissioner seat).

Jack has been a longtime, very active Democrat, demonstrating his commitment to the local party and to the values and priorities we share.

Even more important, Jack has been a hardworking active participant in many community efforts, including the Aspen Area Community Plan, as well as serving on planning and zoning and the City Council.

He is knowledgeable, well-prepared and open-minded. We don’t agree on everything, but I know Jack looks for what he thinks is the best solution for each issue.

He has been criticized for being cranky from time to time on council. This can be said of many different members of council over the years who fight hard on a daily basis to maintain our quality of life and make approval decisions that also reasonably control growth.

He does this in the face of enormous pressures and a lot of not-always-civil push back.

On those occasions, when I have observed Jack in action, he has been thoughtful, questioning, reasonable and creative in attempting to solve problems.

Jack’s passionate dedication to this community, and its quality of life and quality of growth, make him the best candidate.

Please vote for Jack Johnson.

Camilla Auger

chair, Pitkin County Democratic Party

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