Vote for Jack – get fed |

Vote for Jack – get fed

Dear Editor:I only get to travel to your mountain paradise once a year. Aside from the wonderful Aspen Shortsfest, the amazing skiing, and the extraordinary biscuits and gravy at Main Street Bakery, my favorite Aspen pleasure is spending time with Jack Johnson, who happens to be running for your City Council. Please indulge me a few moments to share with you why I know you can’t go wrong by electing Jack.First and foremost, Jack is honest. I have found Jack to be one of the most forthright people I have ever met. While Jack understands the value of tact, he says what needs to be said. When others might hem and haw, Jack gets to the point – but always with grace. I have seen him do this in group situations, and I have seen him do it with me! And while it didn’t always feel good, it was just what I needed to hear.That’s because Jack is insightful. He understands human nature, which is an excellent personal skill, but an even better political one. And, in my experience, invaluable when it comes to leading people.I think Jack’s insight comes from the fact that he is a great listener. In a day and age when everybody, especially politicians, wants to tell you what they think, Jack is a person who wants to know what you think. And he has the gift of being able to truly hear what you are saying.He is generous. Perhaps to a fault. Jack is a volunteeraholic. While Jack has made countless volunteer efforts, I want to share the one with which I am most familiar. Each year come April, I take part in Aspen Shortsfest. And for the past several years, we’ve made gumbo for the filmmakers (which all the award winners serve to the filmmakers who didn’t win a prize). I take great pride in being the Funky Gumbo King of Aspen. But as those who work behind the scenes will tell you, Jack Johnson saves my butt every year. While I’m busy freaking out that I may have added too much hot sauce, Jack is the one with the steady hand, frying the chicken, checking the corn bread, and making sure that everyone gets fed, right on time. Come to think of it, I believe this is an apt metaphor for what Jack can bring to your community.By the way, Jack has not once declined when I have asked him to volunteer his services – for gumbo or for anything else. And from what I gather, many of you in Aspen know the same of Jack. This is a person who embodies the term public servant. So, good people of Aspen, I say do yourself a favor: Let jack serve! If you do, everyone will be fed, right on time. But you’ll have to wait till next April to get a taste of my funky gumbo.Adam CollisLos Angeles

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