Vote for Houpt |

Vote for Houpt

Dear Editor:

This is to respectfully encourage voters in Garfield County to support Tresi Houpt in her bid to be re-elected to the Garfield County Board of County Commissioners.

As a resident of Pitkin County it may seem unusual for me to be supporting a candidate in Garfield County, but we are neighbors and what happens in Garfield County can impact those of us who live next door.

The oil and gas companies have become major players in Garfield County, and Tresi has demonstrated a rational approach to their desires to develop Garfield County to the max. She also has demonstrated a need to protect the environment, an area vital to her county’s economic future.

We have all seen how much damage uncontrolled energy companies can unleash on the land. Tresi has been willing to question the benefits of such exuberance of those companies. She isn’t buying into the “drill, baby, drill” mentality that suddenly has come into favor.

She has been good for Garfield in the past and I am certain she will be equally as good in the future. I urge my friends in Garfield County to give her your support in the upcoming election.

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