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Vote for Gilman

Dear Editor:

What could possibly be more exciting than energy policy?

I’ll presume the newspaper did not print my “eye rolling” emoticon at the end of that sentence, so I’ll have to use actual words to diffuse the snark … lots of things, it turns out, are more exciting than energy policy.

But we are all fortunate that there are a few who are willing to forgo interesting cocktail conversation and “take one for our team.” These brave souls comprise this year’s field of candidates running for the seat on the Holy Cross Energy board left open by George Shaeffer, who is leaving after years of dedicated service to our community.

And I must say, it is the most impressive field I’ve seen since paying attention, which is longer than I like to admit. But perhaps I’ve been away too long. Given this impressive list of candidates, dare I guess that local energy policy has finally found its place with the glam crowd? Will energy wonks take their place beside computer geeks as the meeks who shall inherit?

Perhaps the election will tell. But I want to see how much I may be able to influence that election by picking a favorite. Before I drop the name, let me first tell you what I look for in a Holy Cross board member. They must understand their role in governance, and not confuse it with administration. They understand the importance of energy in our world and its critical need for every Holy Cross member (that’s you, if you pay a Holy Cross bill). And they balance the economic, physical, and ethical realities of delivering energy with the ideals, promise, and risks of a new energy economy.

That last one is important. I want someone who understands the status quo – how energy and energy policy currently work – but who also has the knowledge and guts to push Holy Cross to bridge our energy past with our energy future.

So who in this remarkable field of energy wonks stands out?

Megan Gilman, of course. I had the pleasure of working with Megan in my former life as executive director of the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability. As a mechanical engineer and energy rater, she first volunteered for the organization, but she had a meteoric rise to chair of the board.

And here is what I learned about Megan in that time: She has a jaw-dropping understanding of energy and energy economics that translates to incredibly efficient and effective practical application. She knows and has experience with energy policy. And she has the damndest ability to – get this – make energy interesting!

I know I shouldn’t be so shallow as to care how cool energy is, but I’ve been to Holy Cross board meetings and I believe a little dose of youthful energy is called for.

So you Holy Cross customers/members (same thing), voting for Megan Gilman (or anyone else, to be completely honest) as your Northern District representative is as easy as reading your mail and returning your vote when you get it.

Matt Scherr

former director, Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability

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