Vote for Gail, not Big Coal |

Vote for Gail, not Big Coal

Dear Editor:

Is it just me, or do you feel like there are way too many non-Coloradans telling us how to vote? I, for one, am tired of right wing think tanks (in Washington, D.C.) and corporations (in Delaware) telling me how to vote out here in Colorado. I live here, I pay attention to things, and I can make up my own mind, thanks.

Every day, my living room is flooded with fake actors playing “Real Coloradans” earnestly pushing the agendas of Wall Street, Big Coal, Karl Rove and Glenn Beck.

And I just want to say, “Really? Do you really think we are that clueless and easy to fool?”

The great thing about living here is that it’s a state of individuals – we make our own choices. We vote for people who live where we live, who represent us, our individual values, our environment, our state – not some flown-in marionette puppet spouting talking points made up back East.

That’s why I am voting for Gail Schwartz. She is a neighbor, she cares deeply about her entire district from the Roaring Fork to Delta and beyond, and she has already proven herself – by passing legislation to create green jobs (already creating more than four times existing coal jobs), creating new schools in areas that desperately needed them, protecting our water and our environment, and tirelessly criss-crossing the state to personally meet the Coloradans she represents.

THAT is what a Colorado senator should do – not suddenly appear in Aspen with a bunch of money and commercials paid for by some shadowy 501c4 organization from out of state, reciting “one-size-fits-all” Tea Party talking points (again, written somewhere else – where IS the Heritage Foundation, anyway?)

Gail Schwartz is one of us. She is beholden to the people of her district – we can trust her to do what is in our best interests. That’s called representing your people.

Who is Mr. Rankin beholden to? Well, in a recent speech, he proudly referred to himself as “Big Coal Bob.” Who will he represent? Want to play connect-the-dots?

Kevin Ward


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