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Vote for Derek Johnson

Dear Editor:When I heard that Derek Johnson was running for Aspen City Council, it made complete sense to me. Right from the first day I met Derek, the new instructor from Minnesota transplanted to the Colorado mountains, I knew this was a guy who would never back down from a worthwhile challenge. As our friendship grew into a business partnership, I discovered Derek is always in search of the best possible solution. He listens to others ideas, vigorously pitches his own and in the end proceeds on the agreed upon path with 100 percent enthusiasm. In our 10 years in business together, we didnt always agree, but there was never a harsh word between us. Ask anyone who has a partner, thats an extremely rare thing to find. I would expect nothing less than the same attitude from Derek on the Aspen City Council. As a local business and family man, Derek has the roots in Aspen necessary to understand the difficult choices facing the town in this new economic environment. He has the business sense. Hes an active member of the community, and he can make a difference. Vote for Derek Johnson for Aspen City Council on Tuesday.Eric BergstromThe E in D&E


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