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Vote for Clapper

Dear Editor:

I am writing in support of my brother, Tommy Clapper, for Pitkin County commissioner.

As voters already know, Tommy experienced a very traumatic cardiac event in April of this year. His recovery has been nothing short of a miracle and continues at an incredible rate, with each day showing improvement over the last. Prior to the event, Tommy had decided to run for Pitkin County commissioner. His dedication and commitment to that goal continues today, with his serving the residents of Pitkin County motivating him to work even harder toward his total recovery.

I stand behind Tommy in his effort to be your next commissioner, as I know that he will be hard-working, honest and a tireless voice for the residents of Pitkin County … that is his nature! Many have asked if he is physically and mentally capable of doing the job. That answer must come from Tommy, not from me. He, and only he, can decide if he is ready; he believes he is. I will stand behind Tommy’s character, his work ethic and his commitment to you.

As for those who question if he will just be Patti’s replacement, just her mouthpiece, I can assure you Tommy is his own man. He will take advantage of Patti’s incredible experience and knowledge, but his decisions and opinions are his. As with any good public servant, he will use whatever tools and resources he has at his disposal to make the best decisions possible. I consider that a good thing, as should you … and you will find no better listener … ask anyone who has worked with him … he listens!

You must also know that Tommy and I have discussed this election frankly, and he has made it very clear that if he does not know that he is fully capable of doing the job, he will not seek the position … that would be unfair to the voters of PitCo. At this point, he knows that he will be ready to serve to his full potential by the time November rolls around. He is a good man and will serve you well as a commissioner.

Willard L. Clapper


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