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Vote for Brian Speck

Dear Editor:

I have known Brian Speck since we were kids growing up here in Aspen; his sister was my best friend.

Spending one’s youth in a town, and then living there as an adult, gives one a unique perspective. Not only was Brian here to witness the changes in Aspen, but he is in an uncommon position to know which changes have been positive and which ones have, perhaps, detracted. In Brian, we have a tremendous opportunity to benefit from his long history in this community.

Not that we necessarily want to roll back the clock, but being there for the ups and the downs gives Brian the advantage of recognizing patterns over time. The patterns might relate to the economy, tourism or real estate, all of which have been cyclical. Having lived through those cycles gives Brian a better ability to assess different approaches to the challenges we face. He knows what has worked, what hasn’t and what might. He can also offer a tremendous amount of stability when it comes to addressing the issues without being overly emotional or lacking perspective. Brian would provide an invaluable bridge between the past and the future.

Furthermore, Brian is unique as a human being. He is outgoing, open-minded and genuinely cares about others. I have always know Brian to have many friends of all persuasions; in other words, he is not so opinionated or rigid that he alienates people. He is a good listener, but also has an inordinate amount of energy and enthusiasm for participation and getting things done.

Brian has chosen not to use this in his campaign, which is a testament to his character, but I also feel it is important for people to know that Brian recently survived two types of brain cancer. What an inspiration. I believe his strength, commitment and passion for life has made Brian an even stronger candidate because surviving cancer focuses one’s values. We should all be grateful that we stand to benefit from Brian’s choosing to focus his energies on our wonderful community.

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Join me in electing Brian as our next Pitkin County commissioner; let’s reward longevity and dedication!

Tiffany (Gildred) Ernemann


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