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Vote for better visitor center site

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:Terry Olson wrote recently “the debate about the visitor center is still up in the air and will be voted on soon.” Terry thinks further study should be done as to finding a better location for the visitor center. Apparently 756 voters who signed the petition to stop the visitor center on the congested, crowded, no parking and dangerous corner of Galena and Main agree with him. While I was collecting signatures, most voters preferred either keeping the visitor center where it currently is next to the parking garage and expanding it to the city-owned “free” former youth center and/or combining with the U.S. Forest Service at 7th Street while widening the S-curves.Other voters preferred the current Wheeler site, Buttermilk or on top of Independence Pass. The most fascinating suggestion though comes from Olson about converting the “spaceship building” at Wagner Park into a logical location for a visitor center as the visitors are already there.The vote on the visitor center is confusing. If you want the visitor center stopped on Galena and Main … you must vote yes on question #2A to stop or repeal the visitor center from being built. There are better locations than Galena and Main for a visitor center. Vote yes on 2A for a better location.Toni KronbergAspen

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