Vote for balance |

Vote for balance

It has been often said that change is the only thing that is constant. And while change is good, consistency is also necessary.

On Tuesday, May 7, the Aspen Valley Hospital District will conduct an election for its board of directors. There has been much discussion as to a “new direction” on the hospital board. But that new direction must be tempered with the consistency and experience of the current board.

That is why I encourage everyone to vote for change, and elect John Sarpa; and to vote for experience and re-elect Meg Haynes.

Mr. Sarpa is a smart and successful business person who will bring a wealth of “real world” experience to the board. Ms. Haynes has a terrific record that I know she will continue to improve on.

A balance on this board is imperative to the future success of Aspen Valley Hospital, and I know these two candidates will work to make AVH the best hospital in the state.

Tony Hershey

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