Vote for Art

Dear Editor:

I am 55, have lived in Aspen since ’71 and am active politically. My righty buddies call me a lefty, and my lefty buddies call me a righty.

I have never been registered as a Republican or a Democrat – ever. I also have never endorsed or publicly supported any specific candidate in my life – ever. This is in part selfishly oriented because I do not wish to offend any of those with whom I may eventually be working, but also I just never liked the idea of breaking up into teams to battle for an election. I know, very naive, but what can I say? It just seems like dealing with one another from a place of respect and seeking mutual benefit is far more difficult to attain when politics is turned into a team sport where one side wins and the other loses.

I am breaking my “no endorsement” promise to myself and supporting Art Daily for Aspen City Council because I know Art well enough to believe that he will be fair, open and respectful to every person in the Aspen community, regardless of what team they are on – if any.

We never all agree around here, and I think having a smart, dedicated, open-minded guy like Art on council to navigate these very turbulent Aspen waters is a good idea. So vote for Art.

Scott Writer