Vote for a healthier community |

Vote for a healthier community

It is crucial that voters understand that a yes vote on ballot Question 1A will allow for nonprofits in Pitkin County to continue offering services to the community at a very low cost to property and business owners.

Pitkin County’s general fund mil levy is the lowest in the state. Under Colorado’s constitution, the general fund mil levy must be lowered from 2.901 to about 2.4 mils this year unless the voters agree to “retain” a higher mil levy that generates more money.

In this case, the voters are being asked to lower the mil levy to about 2.8 so that about $800,000 more is retained in each of five years.

The health and human services agencies and nonprofits help a large number of local employees with everything from family planning and immunizations to counseling and child care options. I am convinced this investment now will result in long-term savings from creating a healthier community.

A yes vote Tuesday, Nov. 5, on Question 1A, the Health and Human Services mil levy, will provide dedicated and stable funding for a five-year period to a host of human service agencies and nonprofit groups that contribute to the quality of life in Pitkin County.

Please vote yes on ballot Question 1A.

Amy Margerum


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