Vote for a better America |

Vote for a better America

Dear Editor:I spent today with my grandson Paul, a wonderful 8-year-old, intelligent, considerate and fun-loving. We cut up kindling together, bird-watched and played some baseball, but all the time I was worried about his future.I don’t want him killed or mutilated fighting in an unnecessary war waged for the benefit of oil companies, manufacturers for the military establishment and other corporate entities. I don’t even want him to have to kill and mutilate others unless such barbaric activity is absolutely necessary to defend our own citizens.Nor do I wish him to grow up in a country in which Social Security has become social insecurity because it has been turned over to individuals to gamble with, in which seniors and veterans are denied their rightful benefits, or in which drug companies make enormous profits while the poor and middle class struggle to afford needed medication.Nor do I wish him to grow up in a country in which it is becoming meaningless to train to do meaningful work when such work is increasingly exported to the Third World so that corporations may reap huge profits at the expense of growing unemployment here.In short, I don’t want him to grow up in a country in which the middle and lower classes are the victims of an administration whose motto is “government of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy,” an administration, furthermore, that believes it is unprofitable to be concerned about global warming, pollution of our air and water, and the destruction of our national forests and parks since the corporations that supply its campaign funds find these concerns to be unprofitable.So please, on behalf of Paul and all our grandchildren, vote for a better America, not a worse one. Vote for a Democratic administration. Thank you from a concerned grandfather.Clay A. Boland Jr.Carbondale

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