Vote Child for BOCC |

Vote Child for BOCC

Dear Editor:

I believe this is as relevant now, at the end of the campaign, as it was when I wrote it during the primary.

I asked Steve Child to run for my open seat on the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners two years ago, after he and his wife, Molly, had hosted a neighborhood get-together at their home intended to gain public feedback on county issues. Since announcing his candidacy, he has only reinforced that decision.

In what has been a pretty much “quiet” campaign, to say the least, Child has shown why he stands head and shoulders above the other candidate. I do not speak here of how many friends each candidate has on a list, how much money they have in the campaign “war chest” nor how many or how big their yard signs are. I am not speaking about the various life experiences each candidate tells us about. These are all facts of each candidate’s campaign, and yet they do not reveal what kind of commissioner the individual will make.

Thus, we, the public, must read between the lines, delving beyond what is being said or written. Just because someone looks good on paper does not make him a county commissioner. Here the true picture and choice emerge. By understanding how the candidate will operate, how he will do the business of the public, we gain valuable insight into the answer to the question of “who.”

Child has articulated this answer in every facet of the campaign. No political double-talk. No fence sitting. No tooting his own horn. Just straight-up, honest responses to the diverse questions posed by individuals, by the media and at the forums. What you see is what you get!

This confident, low-key individual has shown us he can do his homework and ask tough questions, is a listener and is sensitive to the needs and wants of our diverse population. He clearly is a thinker, not a talker.

Child’s life experiences, be they as a rancher, teacher and instructor, family or working man or community volunteer, all show us he has the “right stuff” to do the job. Yet it is only by looking deeper that we can be assured that by choosing Child as our next District 4 commissioner, we are getting both what we need and what we thought we were getting.

I’d be proud to have Child follow in my footsteps as our next District 4 commissioner. Please vote for Child on Nov. 6 at your local precinct location or beforehand by early or absentee ballot. Thanks for your considerations.

Jack Hatfield

Pitkin County commissioner, Snowmass Village

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