Vote Bush out |

Vote Bush out

Dear Editor:President Bush invaded Iraq with our safety and the security of our very lives on his mind. That is what he said. He needed to defend our country from attack and to liberate the people of Iraq from domination by a mad tyrant. Congress trusted him to lead us to beour best, to live these our highest ideals. To walk the talk.President Bush has betrayed this trust. Our trust that our nation acts militarily only in our own defense or to liberate a country invaded by enemies from without or within.The story looks a lot different now. This new story is one of action driven not by our ideals of defense and self-determination, but driven to the protection of our own national economic and military self-interests. Those interests, in Iraq, are:• Control over Iraqi economy by American corporations.• Political shaping of Iraq to suit U.S. economic and strategic interests.• Military bases to enhance our power throughout the Middle East.• Elimination of an enemy of Israel.• Reconstruction profits to U.S. corporations.• Control over the supply and distribution of oil (the hand on the spigot).• Refining and marketing profits for U.S. and British oil companies. The Iraqis will get profits only from the crude; those profits go to pay American companies like Halliburton for reconstruction.President Bush has acted irresponsibly and betrayed the trust of our soldiers, the Congress, all of us. This is far worse than the possibility of his lying to us. This betrayal is cause for the protection of the office of President from any further incursions into our trust. It is cause to remove Mr. Bush from office.Vote him out.Mabel MacdonaldGlenwood Springs

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