Vote, and vote for Mick |

Vote, and vote for Mick

Dear Editor:When I first moved here, I was delighted to become part of a community that was so environmentally, socially, culturally and civically minded. But I sadly discovered on election day that Aspenites, apparently, are as average as any other town in America. Of the registered voters, less than half bothered to exercise their right to do so. And that’s the national average.It amazes me that so many Americans take this right for granted. There are countries in this world where you actually put your life on the line to vote, yet people are willing to do so to make their voice heard. In Aspen, you can vote with an absentee ballot, go to the clerk’s office on the second floor of City Hall and vote at your convenience or visit the very lonely election judges at your polling place on Election Day. So many options and less than half the registered voters in Aspen did so.I want to vote, but I don’t have the right because I live just outside the actual city limits. It’s very frustrating to want to vote for the person who will affect my life and the city I’ve become very fond of and not be able to. So, I am appealing to the registered voters in Aspen: Please won’t you go to the polls and vote for Mick Ireland? Aspen needs a mayor who has the skill, experience, integrity and dedication necessary to preserve and protect all that makes Aspen a very special town. When you compare the two candidates side by side, that person is Mick.Mark your calendars and on June 5 go vote for those of us who can’t! Prove to me that Aspen isn’t just another average town … exercise your right to vote!Gail MasonAspen Village

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