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Volunteering for Mick

Dear Editor:I know Mick Ireland only casually.At the outset of the campaign, I received a call from a friend asking if I would consider becoming a volunteer. Without thinking it through, I found myself saying “yes” within the context of such words as honesty, integrity and vision.Like many citizens, I look upon the state of American political discourse and decision making with bewilderment and concern. The ideal of public service has been tarnished as dialogue, discussion and debate are often overtaken by shouting, personal attacks and assertions presented as facts.All of us who are working to elect Mick are volunteers. None of us expects a political appointment, a service contract or a housing subsidy for our efforts. The sense around the volunteer table is that we are all engaged in something that matters, that the outcome is critical for the city of Aspen and our valley.Some people have described Mick Ireland as a career politician. When I look at his record of 13-plus years, I see the accomplishments of a focused, dedicated, experienced and selfless public servant. If you want to know why Mick is running for mayor, go to his website, http://www.mickformayor.com, click on a video tab, and select the video titled, “Why Run For Mayor?” His answer is as simple and straight forward as the two minute clip illustrates.I believe the challenges facing Aspen in the coming years, like those facing many of our cities and states, have been made more complex and urgent by a failure of leadership on the part of our elected officials and a failure of citizenship on the part of us, the voters. As citizens, we must become more engaged in the political process: read, listen, discuss, watch, engage, vote.Whatever the qualities that other candidates possess, they are simply not in the same league as Mick. He has a 13-year record of making the hard choices necessary to successfully address critical issues. Time and again, he has demonstrated he does not wither under pressure, that he will compromise on means, but not on principle. For Mick, this election is not about moving to the next rung on the political ladder or helping to pave the way for the next sweet deal. It is about what it has always been about, public service for the community he loves.If Aspen were a business and I were the owner looking for a new CEO, I would only consider someone with Mick’s leadership qualities. Mick didn’t discover a vision during the course of a political campaign. He charted his course during his early years of public service. Allow Mick to continue to serve the people of our community as he always has, with honesty, integrity and vision. On May 8, vote Mick for mayor.”If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there,” (Lewis Carrol from Alice Through the Looking Glass).Steve KaufmanCarbondale

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