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Volunteer for America

‘?t speak for the company that I work for. However, I can speak for many of my fellow co-workers.

Many of us have taken to heart what President Bush has asked all Americans to do. That is to give two years of our lives to volunteerism.

Not all Americans can do so. Some of us only may be able to give two hours, two weeks or two months. But, at least we can do something to help our community, our fellow citizens and our country.

Volunteerism is a way in which we can show the world that we are a nation of people who stand by the principle of all people are created equally.

It matters not what color our skin is, nor does it matter not what religion we follow, nor does it matter how much we are worth. What matters most is that we, the United States, will never let the flame of freedom die.

Many of my fellow co-workers, as well as many of my friends, will accept the challenge put before us by President Bush. We will give up some our personal time to be volunteers.

We so do to show the world that united we stand, and no country nor terrorist group will ever bring the United States of America to an end.

Harry Temple III


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